Thursday, August 8, 2019

That Famous Rooftop Concert! Another Fab Four First!

In November '68, the band staged an impromptu rooftop concert in New York, filming the event as a documentary "happening". Check out the somber tones of the grim urban setting! The delighted crowds gathering in the street! The band dressed warm against the wintry weather! Guys hanging out of windows, digging the action! The cutaway shots of disapproving old-timers! The arrival of the cops, signaling the end of a revolutionary and totally original free concert! Hoo boy! Some exciting gig, right? But that's enough about the Airplane. The fact that the Beatles replicated the event - down to the last detail - a scant couple of months later is a testament to their genius. Not The Beatles' genius - they were just doing their copying thing - the Airplane's.

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