Monday, January 27, 2020

Da Boids Is Da Woid - Part IV

Younger Than Yesterday. Longer, too. Thirty-five tracks, mono and stereo, associated recordings, all from official releases. Proto-psych, Chris Hillman stepping up, Gary Usher producing, David Crosby being a pain in the ass - it seems sacrilege to say it, but Gene Clark is barely missed.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Your FMF© Coronavirus Promise!

FMF© staffer Kelly checks for germs yesterday

Unlike other music-related blogs adopting a sometimes satiric tone, FalseMemoryFoam© is taking the Coronavirus threat seriously.

And pro-actively.

Th' House O' Foam© now promises its valued clientele that every download will be absolutely free of the Yellow Peril. That's right, music fans! Unlike other blogs, whose attitude is frankly a fucking disgrace, every single download - or as near as makes no diff. - will be screened for the deadly disease that's bringing the world to its knees!

So, thanks to a corporate culture that puts customer care at the top of the list - just below making a buck - you, Mr. Consumer, may download in comfort and security from the blog that has Attempting To Strive as its proud mission statement!

As to other blogs - your life is in your hands.

NB Some re-ups may not yet have been screened

Sunday Something

Kathy McCord's debut album was a hot collectors' ticket a while back, and maybe still is. Creed Taylor chose it to launch CTI as an independent label in 1970, but sales were disappointing. Its mix of pop, folk-rock and jazz-lite didn't exactly fit in the marketplace, somehow. Ms. McCord's subsequent music career was patchy and frustrating, but she went as far as she could on the limited mileage of her voice.

For Sunday listening, this is just swell. Be it pottering about the house, scrapbooking, or freebasing with a Russian crack whore in the back of your van, these tunes are the perfect accompaniment!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Flower Pot Men

Mainstream was a mostly MOR/jazz label until CEO Abraham Shadrinsky signed Big Brother And The Holding Company after getting a contact high from a hippie in an elevator. Surprised by the album's success, Abe installed waterbeds and a bong in their  headquarters in Chicago's prestigious slaughterhouse district and released a compilation sampler of acts not even they'd heard of.

"These hippie shmucks are pissing in our ferns!" yelled CFO Morrie Slibowic. "Hihihihihih!" Shadrinsky squeaked before blacking out from a huge bong hit.

They were on a roll, releasing albums by any bunch of swivel-eyed no-hopers who could stand up without help, including rabid hillbilly Ted Nugent, who signed his contract with his face.

It couldn't last. But the label limped on longer than anyone thought it might, given that The Amboy Dukes were their tentpole act. Here's a couple of samplers in advance of albums currently stored in th' House O'Foam© crawl space. Some of it is pretty swell. You decide.

Pure Pleasure

The term guilty pleasure is one I don't like. It implies that you consider yourself to have more refined tastes than the common herd, and yet are capable of wallowing in their kitsch pleasures on occasion, which makes you adorably human. A commenter suggested that Rod Stewart is a guilty pleasure of mine - he's not. Simple pleasure needs no qualification. But when I first picked up The Pleasure Fair in the early seventies, I kept it hidden from the cool crowd I slouched around with, and my pleasure in it did have a guilty aspect to it - like I was burning my freak flag, or at least singeing it at the edges. It was undeniably plastic, man, but the songs made me feel good - what was wrong with me?

These days, of course, who gives a flying fuck what anybody likes? And I still like this. How could anybody not? Especially in this expanded version uniquely crafted by none other than sitarswami [FX: ELECTRIC SITAR, WINDCHIMES] internet mystic and psychedelic panjandrum. He's trawled his unicorn-mane dreamcatcher across the ætheric void to gather a handful of associated recordings by the core (pre-Bread) line-up under different names. They're super-swell. You may never hear them unless you download this. And nobody's watching.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Cheese And Ham On Ry

Blue City is an early Ross Macdonald novel, written as Kenneth Millar, and for lovers of the noir genre (such as moi) it's a grail find. It took me a long time to appreciate Macdonald, being a lifetime Hammett/Chandler maven, but over the years he's joined them in the Big Three; red-hot Hammett, cool-as-rocks-in-rye Chandler, and icy Macdonald, equally good, and each quintessentially of their times.

Blue City was written before Macdonald established the formal style of the Lew Archer books. It's relentless, visceral action; page-turning story, deep-enough characters, and a lurid grind-house style. So of course someone made a shit movie out of it. The critics raved: "The worst major studio film we've seen in recent memory." "How many ways can a movie go wrong? ... subzero chemistry ... preposterous action ... dull sex ... witless wisecracks ..." First-time director Michelle Manning never directed another movie, which was the only silver lining in this stinking cloud of smog.

Unfeasibly, Ry Cooder supplied the soundtrack. It's probably one of his rarer waxings, and deserved better than the "ham and cheese" of the movie.

(Hey! If any of youse bums read books, I'll upload the original novel. I ain't holdin' me breath. Gettin' to th' end of your own wanted poster is more than most of youse can manage.)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rick Wrap

In Concert was the debut of the Stone Canyon Band (named after the Sherman Oaks address where they rehearsed), wayyyyyyy back at the tail end of the 'sixties, coming between Perspective and Rick Sings Nelson. It must have surprised everyone when it charted healthily, nudging the top fifty, and it took a couple of albums before he'd better that with Garden Party. It's prime Rick, sounding perfectly in tune with his band and the times, with fan-pleasing nods to his past.

This should unpack in iTunes as two discs. Let me know if it doesn't behave. The cover shown here is the vinyl original, but the download is the massively-expanded CD re-issue.

Today's bonus is the 6-disc The American Dream set, which gathers all his teen idol recordings, throws in a bunch of rarities, and packages it in this mean, moody and magnificent cover. The downside is that it's at a bitrate lower than a snake's belly - @128 - and although it sounds fine to me you may have loftier audio standards.

It's really only Elvis I can follow back to those years, but there's no doubting the talent, skill, and taste on display here.

This post wraps up what I have to offer from Nelson - if you have more and feel generous, links will be welcome in the comments, as ever.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Re-Ups - Hosted By Cody!

Hey, Ron - uh, fella?
Hi guys! Cody here! Mr. III has tasked me with re-upping some, like, tunes for you guys? So if you've asked recently, check back here in the comments to see if I made your day! And remember, if you want something re-upped, be nice or Mr. III will bounce a spittoon off your face! (... and no pretending to be a girl, "Bambi"!)

Oh yeah - ask for re-ups in the comments to the original piece, not here, okay? Kisses!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ron Burgundy's Jazz Flute University

Dean Burgundy with some of the faculty at the prestigious opening ceremony, yesterday

In what promises to be an exciting new feature at Th' House O' Foam©, media celebrity Ron Burgundy® will be sharing course work from the curriculum of his Jazz Flute University (Pork Bend, Fla.).

"That's right, jazz students!" he said yesterday, "You won't get the advantage of sweaty one-on-one tutorials with faculty members, but you'll get a valuable introduction to my passion! Don't act like you're not impressed!

Charles Lloyd was a great hero and a personal friend. I taught him so much. I inspired his late sixties albums on Atlantic even before I was born. I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People respect me. Jazz people. Black people. Although Charles isn't black. I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my flute smells of Sting's vagina."

Dean of Faculty Burgundy kindly donated today's albums, recorded during the same concerts at San Francisco's Fillmore West (don't look for it, it's not there any more). 

EDIT: At the request of hundreds (Irving Hundreds, Flatbush NY) here's a bonus disc for those of you brave enough to dip your toes into Lloyd's Warm Waters. Al Jardine didn't make it to the cover, but he's here too.


Dese is all I gots in th' bootleg line. 
You probably have them already, but you won't have the covers, so at least you can make them look purty.

Quality is what we call "variable", but they're fun to spin once in a while.

Newport Folk Festival, Ash Grove, Cambridge, and the Shrine.
If you have other Kaleidoscope live recordings, you may like to contribute to humanity (or the four or five representatives of it who hang out here) by linkage in the comments - but I think this may be all there is.

EDIT: Here's artwork for Bob's Berkeley link in the comments - a short but (seven ate) sweet recording that deserves E.P. picture-sleeve status.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Kaleidoscope Kolors

Gee! Is this ever swell! A House O' Foam© exclusive, offering thirteen [14 - Ed.] rare non-album tracks from legendary Left Coast mindmelters Kaleidoscope! That's right, freak-out fans! More than any other compilation, and no cheating with live or "instrumental" tracks! Hoo boy! Are we having fun yet?

Not only that, but check out the retina-frying cover provided to you, Mr. Musiclover, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Imagine the looks of envy on the gang's faces as you spin this exclusive waxing in your treehouse club den!

From the single version of Why Try (the only song you'll find on an album) all the way through to the Zabriskie Point soundtrack, you'll believe you're experiencing a true thirty-six minute album experience with hauntingly-lifelike Kolors!

EDIT: Now includes extry trk!!!!!! It's the second in, Didi Ki (Down The Road I Go), an outtake from the first album. Download the whole enchilada again, junk the first edition. Yowsers!