Monday, August 26, 2019

National Museum Of Psychedelia Opened By Alois, Hereditary Prince Of Liechtenstein

Hi! I'm Al!
Vaduz, the bustling, vibrant capital of Liechtenstein boasts many tourist attractions; the Felt And Related Roofing Materials Amusement Park, the annual Parade Of Accountancy And Tax Law, and the picturesque Old Town itself, a hipster paradise of "indie" banking establishments and funky ATM street culture. To this formidable list can now be added The National Museum Of Psychedelia. Conveniently located between the imposing Bank der Nazikriegsverbrecher AG and the Department Of Public Hygiene, the Museum was formally opened yesterday by Alois, Hereditary Prince Of Liechtenstein in a psychotropic haze of hallucinogens.

Alois, naked except for wild day-glo body paint and love beads, spoke briefly to a small contingent of puzzled but respectful local businessmen and dignitaries assembled for the inauguration, before being escorted into the Royal Limousine.
Hi! I'm Cody!

"WOW!! I'm, like ... hihihihihhihihi ... oh, man, this is so heavy ... you're so beautiful! [sings] EV'RYBODY'S BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY-AYY, LIKE THE SUMMER ... something ... wow ... look at my hands, man ... the lines ... stretching out into, into the cosmos ..."

I was quick enough to liberate a few of the exhibits before the display was taped off by crime-scene police, and share two of them with you today. Don't thank me - thank Alois "Call me Al!", Liechtenstein's Hippie Hereditary Prince!


  1. Be careful - if you're not nice he will take his HILTI ( and tear your house down.
    - but thanks for the music lest it be locked in a safe deep down in the Alps.

    1. Hermann, Diese Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ("AGB") sind Bestandteil aller Verträge über Lieferungen und sonstigen Leistungen (einschliesslich Reparaturen) zwischen Hilti (Schweiz) AG ("Hilti") und Kunden. Die jeweils aktuellen AGB sind in unseren Katalogen bzw. unserer Preisliste und unter veröffentlicht. Abweichende Bedingungen gelten nur, soweit sie Hilti ausdrücklich und schriftlich akzeptiert. Ebenso bedürfen individuelle Erklärungen, Auskünfte, Ratschläge, Empfehlungen sowie etwaige Kulanzabsprachen und der Abschluss selbständiger Beratungsverträge zur Rechtswirksamkeit der ausdrücklichen schriftlichen Bestätigung von Hilti. Einkaufsbedingungen unserer Kunden gelten grundsätzlich nicht, auch wenn wir ihnen nicht ausdrücklich widersprochen haben.

  2. Dear Webmaster,
    This particular article seemed a bit "tl;dr" to me so I didn't bother.
    However, all that Germanic stuff in the comments was thrilling. I live in a country that will shortly be rejecting all matters "European" (I am known as a Remoanerer apparently) so I will copy n paste all them foreign words into a document to contemplate later whilst eating baked beanz by candlelight.
    Happy Days
    Cheers, Peanuts Molloy.
    PS. Just noticed the pic of Cody. She seems like a nice gal. Please don't tell my current wife that I said so.

    1. Eagle-eyed fans o' Cody may notice additions to the scene as time passes.