Wednesday, August 14, 2019

"I'm The Dummy"

Gee, this sure was a surprise! From the tarpits of the mid-'nineties, when nobody did nuthin', comes this, on the tiny Beachwood label. It's a surprise because it's so damn nice. Tork never had the greatest set of pipes, but there's nothing to make us wince here, apart from the cover. A bunch of good originals, any of which would have been at home on the fine Monkees swansong Good Times, cameos from Mike n' Micky, and some sweet guitar in a clear pop-centric production. Dig.

ALLERGY ADVISORY: Some cheesy synth presets may be present - if in doubt consult your physician.


  1. Nice music.
    I listened to this whilst boiling a green soup for my main squeeze, Heidi Crumble. She is such a sweet gal. We met whilst I was scraping the underside of my boat in Bergen dock and she asked me to do hers. Turns out she doesn’t have a boat, just unwanted barnacles. We’ve never looked back.
    Cheers, Peanuts Molloy.