Sunday, August 11, 2019

Something For Sunday

Bing, 53, Grace,  26, Frankie, 40
High Society was aptly named - th' Bingster was high as a cat's back during filming. A mellow toker, true to his weed, his laid-back performance is in sharp contrast to Sinatra's signature edginess (only ever relaxed with a highball glass in his hand). Which of these guys would you prefer to spend Sunday brunch with? The smart answer is Grace Kelly, the luminously exquisite dame what got beaucoup of woo flung at her by her ageing male leads. But she wore Prince Rainier's engagement ring for the movie, so it was strictly hands off, you goons! This broad's had her ticket punched by minor European royalty!

High Society is a great Sunday movie, and that Tinseltown rarity, a remake that's in every way as enjoyable as the original, even though the initial critical reception was luke-warm. Critics, huh? Fuck 'em. The impeccable Cole Porter score helps, of course. The 1956 soundtrack album was a best-seller in the US and the UK, appearing in both mono and stereo editions.

Today's Kick-Back-n'-Relax Pack© bundles both the original mono (vinyl rip) and stereo (CD with boners tracks), and in a FalseMemoryFoam© exclusive, a swell narrow stereo remix created by a Top Hollywood Sound Engineer - and personal friend - who must remain anonymous (hi, Huck!). This repairs the extra-wide separation of the original which disconcertingly squirts the vocals direct into either ear.

Hoo boy! Here's a candid shot of your host, FT3, caught enjoying the exclusive narrow stereo mix with th' Foamettes©! Some fun, huh kids?


  1. Patience is a virtue...

    (No "HIGH DOPES" quips, por flavour...)

    Nothing was here, Link (no Wray) wise (or un-wise) until just a wee bit ago. (pithy posting was here, but no F-T-3rd "1 comment" with the Goods...)

    Of course, AFTER gabardine-ing my thoughts, I had to file this Report.

    Non-news. Phake or not.

    I'd say something about "Three's Company" here, but I think that's a FOURTH party(ier) in the background (Rosanne Rosannadanna???)

    No slackers, indeed.

    Oh, and, pants or not.... Thanks for the tuneage!

  2. The hiatus, or interregnum, if you will, between post and link was due entirely to Cody's inefficiency. I really don't know why I keep that gal on.

  3. Thanks for this. After downloading, I immediately checked out "Well Did You Evah," because having grown up with the Mono version, I wanted to hear if the Stereo version committed the same gaff as the copy that I bought new in the mid-70's. In case you're wondering what I'm on about, said gaff was someone taking out the line spoken by Bing, "you must be one of the newer fellows." In your post, the Mono version has it...neither Stereo versions do. Do you know if the stereo disc you (and your buddy) worked with was from the 50's, or from the 70's?

  4. Having come upon (and I mean that in the sense of serendipity) FMF, I'm like the proverbial porcine in poo. I had no idea about Der Bingle's bud predilections. I eagerly look forward to catching up with your other posts. Any site that positions Alfred E just over Stanley K is okay in my book.

  5. For some reason Blooger isn't forwarding comments to my email address, so I'm a bit behind in reading them. Back later - keep the comments coming!

  6. @ Guypinot - the presence of the boners trax and the absence of that spoken line sez he used the seventies mix.

    I'm no mono snob, but the vinyl rip sounds great here.