Monday, December 9, 2019

The Comfy Brothers Album Du Jour

Photo: courtesy Archie Valparaiso
Knitwear enthusiasts The Comfy Brothers [pictured at home, left - Ed.] have a secret passion. Can you guess what it is, readers? No, not that. Everyone knows about that. Give up? It's French chansonniers [Fr. shirt-makers - Ed.] - from France! Let Monty Comfy [seated - Ed.] take up the story:

"Well! It all started on a holiday in la belle France. Neddy [standing - Ed.] and I were scouring the Auvergne for antiquities when we heard the most divine music emanating from a window. Naturally we had to investigate! So-"

That's enough of their shit, I think. Here's a swell collection of Francis Cabrel's swellest tuneage. He's been Foamfeatured© antecedently to rapturous applause from you sophisticates drinking chilled Chablonnais from longstemmed glasses, and this is more of the same excellence in song artistry. I fucking hate this guy. He lived my life. He had the brooding handsomeness, the talent, the savoir fesse that were rightfully mine. The sultry French tomates teetering in and out of his apartment on the fashionable Rive Gaucho. Ahh, fuck him and his fucking Frenchness.

Anyways, this is a swell three disc set called L'Essentiel, which is like French for essential. Which is what it is. The shrillness of sound in the first track is unique to that, so don't worry.

Francis Fucking Cabrel. Bastard.



  1. You have to ask for this in French - the worse the better.

  2. voulez-vous coucher avec moi, mon pretty please

  3. Si vous voulez, Monsieur Throck., si vous plait. J'aime toutes les chansonniers Francais, et les chanteuses Francaise aussi. Merde! - Je n'avez pas des cedillas. Mais pas de hassle.
    Vive la Foam!

  4. Gentil M'sieur Foam,

    c'etait un cadeau de Noel precox d'avoir cette compil. Un immense merci d'avance.

  5. Gee ... who'da thunk Les Quatre ou Cinque Mecs would of been such a bunch of longhair indyleckchewals? Not I.


  6. Maintenant, maintenant, là, là, extrêmement jeune Throckmorton. Ne faites rien d'intempéré. Il suffit de remettre le dossier volontairement et la malédiction de la mousse ne sera pas libérée. Que Dieu bénisse vos plaquettes de maïs.

  7. He's the one Albert Brooks listened to in Broadcast News to show that his character was deeper.

  8. gracias monsieur! sil vous plait et tous es un tete de merde!