Sunday, November 17, 2019

Something Sunday For Sunday

Rosemary Clooney - wotta dame! But few know the sophisticated shantoozie was raised by marmosets after a dirigible crash in remote Peckerwood County, GA. Yes, it was deep in the mangrove swamps that little Rosie first learned to sing, her voice charming the forest fauna which gathered about her feet; gators and whippoorwills, snipe and jackalopes alike entranced by her husky, sensual tones.

A remark by Uncle Morty Marmoset - "Say, Rosie - you oughta be singin' for them swells in th' big city!" - inspired her to pack her meager belongings into a couple of steamer trunks and catch the Super Chief to Los Angeles, where a chance meeting with Duke Ellington on the station platform ("I sang The March Of The Marmosets for him") led to a successful audition and the recording of this here album, and gee, is it ever swell! [Citation needed - Ed.]


  1. Thanks! Probably not telling you anything you don't know already but during this historical coupling, Rosemary and "The Duke" created more than just music. Shortly after these "sessions" wrapped up, Rosemary gave birth to a handsome baby boy. In order to protect Rosemary's blossoming career and reputation, Rosemary's brother Nick and wife Nina adopted and raised the child as their own. And that is why George Clooney grew up calling his biological mother "Auntie Rosey." You can add this to your compendium of FoamFacts(tm).

    1. Thanks for this added info, MrDave!

      (I prefer this album to the Ellington/Fitzgerald Songbooks)

  2. The actual recording of this album and the people involved are actually more interesting than the legend. Also, try Fresh Air (archive) for a peek into Clooney's life, triumphs and turmoil.