Thursday, November 16, 2023

Daughter Of Aloha, Already!



  1. Comely, toothsome Susanna Hoffs sends us this compelling image to head up our latest content-free blog post! Oboy! Let's get this ball o' wax rollin' by posting our Top Ten Rando Shuffle choices!

    1. I object to the original Susanna Hoffs placeholder image being replaced by this decidedly less attractive one.

  2. John Martyn - Our Love (uberswell Grace And Danger album)
    Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Prof Stoned Complete Ummagumma)
    The Moody Blues - Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Million (To Our Children's ...)
    Duke Ellington - Duke And Band Leave Stage (love how shuffle throws the occasional curve ball)
    Michelle Phillips - Let The Music Begin (*swoon*)
    JJ Cale - Clyde (every time I play this album I swear it's the best in the world)
    The Warlocks - I Know You Rider (from Mindbender album)
    Th' dB's - Send Me Something Real (alling Of The Sky)
    "Spirit" - Rebel (Kaptain Kopter)
    Allman Bros. - High Falls

    1. "Falling Off The Sky" - falling off the keyboard, more like)

  3. Nahu i ka ʻuʻu wax, wahi a koʻu mau kūpuna

    1. FGW takes a welcome break from the endlessly fucking emus to offer his grandparents' advice!

  4. Odd Riisnaes - Another Version (Norway Jazz 1993)
    Trigon - 7 Steps (Moldova ethno-jazz 2010 or so)
    Eudousin - YT grabs (Greece archaic Hellenic poetry with lyre and Olympian ambient airs 00s)
    Poisoned Electrick Head - YT grabs (local Here & Now understudies 80s,90s)
    Kevin Coyne - Dynamite Daze
    Scritti Politti - Provision
    VA - Jukebox In Crampsville disc 2
    Jarrett - Invocations
    Puschnig/Tacuma - Gemini Gemini

    also a very interesting podcast 'Trickster: The Many Lives Of Carlos Castaneda'

    1. A very interesting guy. All of these psychedelic fraudsters have something valuable and true hidden in their self-mythologising, and it's always worth digging for it.

    2. Me and a chum got struck by him circa age 20-21. It fed into our nocturnal late late Summer wanderings around NW England. There is indeed some utterly fantastic stuff to be found in there.

      Mind you, I now call him Mr Bastardneda

    3. Art > Artist. If I never read anything written by those with moral and behavioural failings I'd never read anything.

    4. Who doesn't like a good Entheogen?

    5. Along similar lines I've been listening to High Weirdness: Drugs, Esoterica, and Visionary Experience in the Seventies which I think is free on Audible(! -- maybe just for Prime members?). Does an excellent job contextualizing the "Consciousness Movement" and the 70s cultural milieu as a backdrop to the experiences of the McKenna brothers, Robert Anton Wilson, and Philip K. Dick in particular. Great stuff if you don't mind wading through some high-falutin' discussions of hermeneutics, phenomenology, ontology and mnemetics (as a former grad student, I love it!).

    6. We gots hermeneutics, phenomenology, ontology and mnemetics out th' ass!

  5. A rare dribbling offering from me in the FMF weeing contest:

    John Dee's musical legacy of flute/recorder/electronica sprites overheard in a churchyard at dusk -


      Ms Hoffs...fwoorrr, and oy very vey

    2. If I was a straight female, looking at that gif would make me seriously consider my options.

    3. I've always wondered how to spell "fwoorrr". Thanks Fanny

    4. If you were a straight female, you'd consider the Lightnin' Hopkins tune (see below Babs' filthy random selection number 9)

    5. Bambi wrote "I've always wondered how to spell "fwoorrr"."

      I've seen it rendered as "phwoaarr" but this is for fakers only.

  6. Frank Zappa - ‘Uncle Remus’
    Rory Gallagher - ‘I Could've Had Religion’
    Bob Weir - ‘Black-Throated Wind’
    Miles Davis - ‘Tout De Suite’
    Rolling Stones - ‘Saint Of Me’
    Charlie Parker - ‘Donna Lee’
    The Moody Blues - ‘You Can Never Go Home’
    Donna Summer - ‘Try Me, I Know We Can Make It’
    Lightnin' Hopkins - ‘Let Me Play With Your Poodle’
    Bessie Smith - ‘Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)’

  7. The problem with shoegaze/dreampop/whatever is that the genre is so narrow it discourages creativity - everything sounds the same. But this here album from the irritatingly-yclept SWiiMS gets everything right. From the airy vox (reminding me of Choo Choo Train, no bad thing), through the brilliantly chiming guitars, to a drummer who knows his stuff and when to rein it in, 'Into The Blue Night' is something of a genre classic. Download with confidence - millions already have.*

    *Enis and V'China Millions, Mons Veneris, ID.


  9. The other day I pointed to a collection of Peter Bruntnell tunes.
    My favorite songs from that mp3 album are

    The London Clay -
    and Black Mountain UFO -

    Another Youtube performance I like is

    Will Owsley -

    Here's his first album:

    Rest In Peace, Will.

  10. Here’s the eighth album from Supertramp, on a SHM-CD

    Supertramp - ‘Famous Last Words’
    "It's Raining Again” was the hit. This one is more “Pop” than “Prog", while retaining their signature sound.

    ‘Islands’ from the Band was the last of a seven Japanese mini-LP CD set, so here’s:
    The Band ‘Live At The Academy Of Music, 1971’

    During the final week of 1971, The Band played four concerts at New York City's Academy Of Music. Select highlights from the concerts were compiled for The Band's classic 1972 double album, ‘Rock Of Ages’. This 4CD set released in 2013 is all four shows.

  11. Frank Sinatra - "South of the Border"
    The Zombies - "Beachwood Patk"
    Jefferson Airplane - "The Farm"
    Yes - "Leave It"
    Beach Boys - "Do It Again"
    Bob Dylan - "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum"
    Yo Yo Ma - "Hadyn Cello Concerto #2 in D"
    Allison Kraus - "Molly Ban"
    Procol Harum - "Conquistador"
    James Taylor - "Steamroller Blues"


  12. "Take Another Look" - Little Village
    "Melody" - David Johansen
    "The Boy in the Bubble" - Patti Smith
    "A Magazine Called Sunset" - Wilco
    "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" - Lenny Kaye and the Nuggets 50th Anniversary Band (live)
    "Beggars Day" - Crazy Horse
    "Fish in the Jailhouse" - Tom Waits
    "Lift Me Up" - Garland Jeffreys
    "High On a Hilltop" - Nick Lowe
    "It's Love Come What May" - Bobby Fuller 4our

    --Muzak McMusics

  13. Hawkwind Zoo - "Hurry on Sundown"
    Jimi Hendrix "Third Stone From The Sun"
    Bob Marley & The Wailers "Crazy Baldhead"
    Traffic "Graveyard People"
    The Specials "Man At C& A"
    Gong "My Sawtooth Wake" (Live)
    The Clash "Call Up"
    The Rolling Stones "Monkey Man"
    UB40 - "Madam Medusa"
    Amon Duul II "Freakout Requiem"

  14. Fountains of Wayne - cookie jar
    Jethro Tull - move on alone
    King Crimson - 3 of a perfect pair (commentary)
    D Bowie - ashes to ashes
    Smokey & His Sister - my fondest dream
    D Bowie - some are
    Wolfgang Dauner - at the dark town of strutter's
    Johnny Young and Ko. - mrs. willoughby
    Dave Pike Set - turn around mrs. lot
    Webspinners - spiderman theme

  15. My shuffle/randomizer told me to again respond to FT3's ALL CAPS recent request. She is a fickle, demanding shuffle/randomizer but I try to address her requests nonetheless - therefore - here you are:

    If you look at 7, 8, 9 and 10 - I think the randomizer might be dropping me a hint.

    1. Sheryl Crow - "Safe and Sound"
    2. INXS - "The Stairs"
    3. Counting Crows - "Holiday in Spain"
    4. Rolling Stones - "You Got Me Rocking"
    5. Pretenders - "Time the Avenger"
    6. Santana - "Oye Como Va"
    7. Bob Dylan - "Gotta Serve Somebody"
    8. The Outlaws (Willie, Waylon etc.) - "Good Hearted Woman"
    9. Tina Turner - "I Don't Want to Lose You"
    10. R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"

    1. I'll see your ...
      1. Sheryl Crow - "Safe and Sound"
      2. INXS - "The Stairs"
      3. Counting Crows - "Holiday in Spain"
      4. Rolling Stones - "You Got Me Rocking"
      5. Pretenders - "Time the Avenger"
      6. Santana - "Oye Como Va"
      7. Bob Dylan - "Gotta Serve Somebody"
      8. The Outlaws (Willie, Waylon etc.) - "Good Hearted Woman"
      9. Tina Turner - "I Don't Want to Lose You"
      10. R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"
      ... and raise you
      1 Family - Variations On A Theme (Doll's House)
      2 Frank Zappa - Hot n' Putrid (Civilization)
      3 Derek n' his Dominos - Layla
      4 Nils Lofgren - Can't Get Closer (Cry Tough)
      5 The Congos - Open Up The Gate (Heart Of)
      6 Stalk Forest Group - I'm On The Lamb (pmac's theme tune)
      7 Harpers Bizarre - Anything Goes (same)
      8 Nazz - You Are My Window (III)
      9 The Hollies - You Need Love (Evolution)
      10 Little Feat - Let It Roll (same)

    2. Me n the Reeds
      1.Lee Clayton I Ride Alone
      2.Boz Skaggs Now your gone
      3.Ashwin Batshi Sitar Mania
      4.Blasters Marie Marie
      5.Terry Allen Pink & Black song
      6.Ike Turner Just one more time
      7.Bill Lupkin Fine little thing
      8.Steve Young Ramblin Man
      9.James Blood Ulmer RU glad to be in America
      10.Jeff Beck You shook me

    3. FT3 - I am holding some decent cards this hand (eclectic but tasty):

      1. Little Richard - "Going Home Tomorrow"
      2. Simon/Garfunkel - "Cecilia" (one of my all-time fav tunes - conjures up good memories)
      3. The Association - "Windy"
      4. Count Basie - "One O'Clock Jump"
      5. Burt Bacharach - "Nikki"
      6. Chicago - "Italian from New York"
      7. Warren Zevon - "Hula Hula Boys"
      8. Rainy Day - "Holocaust"
      9. 5th Dimension - "A Love Like Ours"
      10. Marvin Gaye - "I Want You"

    4. Read 'em n' weep, Thames:

      Michael Nesmith - Some Of Shelly's Blues
      Ry Cooder - Money Honey
      Jefferson Airplane - Fat Angel
      Charlie Parker - Ornithology
      Beach Boys - Strange World
      Tom Rush - Rotunda
      Keith Cross & Peter Ross - Fly Home
      The Frantics - Stranger
      blûę ôystēr cûlt - True Confessions
      Rain Parade - Only Business

    5. FT3 - I think I have to fold because of your Beach Boys "Strange World" call. For me - that starts a run of 4 BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL songs to close out the "That's Why God Made the Radio" album. The enduring genius of Brian Wilson's songwriting - even as of that 2012 album - just blows me away. And Bon Jovi apparently has a piece of the songwriting credit on "Summer's Gone" that closes out the album. What's the back story on that I wonder?

    6. Then again, Roger McGuinn has a co-writing credit on Brian's immortal classic "Ding Dong" (entire lyric set: Ding! Dong! Whoo! (repeat). So, uh, yeah...

    7. Thames, you saw this?

    8. I sued McGuinn and Brian to get my proper due, and royalties, from that classic. They put periods after the words, and I WAS THE ONE that said, NO NOT PERIODS! ITS !!!!! I won and got all of $3.50!!!!

    9. To be fair, OBG doesn't quote the entire lyric. Something along the lines of "I got a girl, she treats me so badly .." And it's Ding DANG, dagnabbit!!

    10. FT3 - thanks for the link to your prior post on Brian. Your commentary was spot on.
      Regarding "Ding Dang" - "I love a girl and I love her so madly / I treat her so fine but she treats me so badly"

    11. Well, that settles it, then. Poet Laureate McGuinn was indeed required for those very fine lines of poetry, to rival any classic English literature has ever put forth...

      Ding DANG, the lyrics witch is dead...

    12. BTW One Buck Guy - I enjoyed your write-up on Carl & The Passions "So Tough" on your One Buck Records blog and the curation you put together. I thought it worked very nicely.

      Also - I thought I read somewhere that Brian had another musical obsession (besides "Ding Dang") with "Shortenin' Bread" - where apparently he did a million different musical permutations of it over a number of years. Then he works through the obsession (or sets it aside) and creates some incredible new piece of music. Fascinating how that all works. His 2000 album "Live at The Roxy Theatre" is one of my favorite all time LIVE albums from anyone.

    13. r up ur Brian CD from that '19 brilliant thread please Neal t

    14. thnx head man III. from Neal t

    15. The Beach Boys - Rarities Vol.15: Brian Wilson Sweet Insanity
      The Beach Boys - Rarities Vol.16: Brian Wilson (1962-1963)
      The Beach Boys - Rarities Vol.17: Brian Wilson (1963-1964)
      The Beach Boys - Rarities Vol.18: Brian Wilson (1964-1965)

    16. FT3 - these 2 albums you put together are both great! And the cover artwork you did for both fits like a glove. Thanks so much for reupping.
      Do you think Brian has one more album in him? I sure hope so!

    17. Thanks, Thames - a labour of love. I don't much mind if he's completely retired. His Me N' My Pianner album will make a swell coda.

    18. I agree with you that if the solo piano album is it - it's a lovely way to finish things up.
      I don't have a shred of musical talent - so I am forever fascinated with the musical creative process. In Brian's case, I would think this process is complicated by the mental health challenges he has faced. If he wants to record more music - great - I will always be interested in listening. But if it is not to be - we have a treasure trove of his past music we can enjoy in the meantime.

    19. The Hoffmanites were especially Hoffmanesque in the thread devoted to that album: they hated the sound of it and they suspected cheating and skullduggery in the playing - it wasn't really him, because he can't play, and it was overdubbed, and so on.

      Well, it sounds exactly like a real piano in a real room. It sounds like Bri is actually playing a piano in your house. This is fantastic. I like to wander out into the garden while it's playing and imagine Brian back in my house.

      As to "trickery", Brian plays every note, and he said "I made it like I make all my records, overdubbing in the studio", which allows for some harmonies you wouldn't hear from a person playing the piano. Subtle and complex/simple, like the man.

  16. Stacey Kent - Ne Me Quitte Pas
    New Orleans Nightcrawlers - Can of Worms
    Johnny Adams - Even Now
    Camaron de la Isla - La leyenda sel Tiempo
    Fanou Torracinto - A Nottebughju
    Chico Buarque - Essa Moca Ta Diferente
    Bill Evans - You Must Believe In Spring
    Antonio Jobim - Dindi
    Tim Maia - Gostava Tanto de Voce
    Caetano Veloso - Meia Lua Intera

  17. Here goes:
    1 Superthruster - Sly & Robbie / Superthruster
    2 The Living Daylights - A-Ha / Bond With BOND (A Butterboy Compilation)
    3 Too Young For Love - Dwight Twilley / Between the Cracks - Vol 1
    4 The Silver Light - The Handsome Family / Unseen
    5 Lollita - A.R. Kane / Complete Singles Collection
    6 The Times of Harvey Milk - Mark Isham / Film music
    7 Lonely Tramp - Clarence 'Frogman' Henry / I’ve Been Around, The Complete Imperial and ABC-Paramount Recordings
    8 Foosh - George Duke / Pacific Jazz
    9 Evidence/I Mean You/Sweet And Lovely/Bright Mississippi - Thelonious Monk Quartet / Live At Monterey Jazz Festival, California 09/22/63
    10 Defenceless (Solar Moon System rmx) - Waldeck / Balance of the Force Remixed

  18. Riffarama bbc session - Hatfield & The North
    Starting Today - Joe Armon-Jones
    *Caney Fork River Daze - Mac Gayden
    Child in Time - Deep Purple
    Let’s Eat Real Soon - Hatfields (Again!)
    Gower Wassail - Steeleye Span
    I Got My Mojo Workin - Jimmy Smith Trio
    White Summer - Yardbirds
    Hallelujah, I Love Her So - Richard Groove Holmes
    Eviction - Edgar Broughton Band

    * Has anyone here got a good version of the McGavock Gayden (First Album), that they could share please, my copy sounds pretty awful - I got it here I think and am thankful for that, but would like a nicer version.

    1. I have a swell version of that album, but @192. Unless you get a better offer I'll be happy to oblige!

    2. Yes please FT3, I'd appreciate that.

    3. Did you upgrade, Farq?

      Because I also have this fab album from the island, and the sound isn't great. A little muffled, a bunch of crackles and some distortion issues, on the vamp section of "Take Me Away", if memory serves.

      Not complaining, because that seems to be the best of what's out there it seems, but the transfer definitely wasn't top notch...

    4. Wupes. Nope, that's all I gots. It's like an old album you pick up at a junk sale, and I don't mind that (never did).

    5. There are tracks scattered across YewChewb which may make the entire album.

    6. I have a clean vinyl copy down in the archives, assuming Spielberg hasn't "lifted" it. I'll look later.

    7. You would be doing the world a favour, Babs!

    8. Here's Babs' archives, with its curator! (Click to view - no download necessary)

    9. Finally!!!! A photo of Babs' archive. Very close to the picture I had conjured up in my mind.
      Question regarding the archive - if things here continue - is it even possible that it will get to the point where Babs' says - "the archive is empty - nothing else to share". I would like to think it is not possible.
      And I am grateful in the meantime for the new sounds to experience. I am listening right now to the latest Dexter Gordon drop - Jesus! - just fabulous.

    10. We have to thank Babs for the continued existence of th' IoF© since last August. Many of you have made comments and added links, but without her working tirelessly in the kitchen, keeping the shelves stocked with nutritious MREs, I think we'd have lost interest by now.

      Things may change when she gets parole, though.

  19. Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - ‘Grow Fins: Rarities 1965–1982’

    This is 5 CDs of unreleased material that spans the band's entire career, but focuses mainly on their work up to the late-1960s and the sessions for the Captain's best-known album, Trout Mask Replica.

  20. Howzabout a re-up for the aforementioned "Sunset" elpee?..or, at least a song list?

    1. You're welcome beach Boys
      CTA 102 byrds
      aint this the life-boingo
      workin in a coal mine allen toussiant
      centerpiece-lambery hendricks ross
      baby I love you-aretha
      hiway in the wind arlo guthrie
      I left my heart in sanfrancisco -bonzos
      pandoras golden heebie jeebies-association
      nice work if you can get it-fred astaire

    2. Attaboy, Snorkers!

      Here's 'No Pressure Radio', and as a bonus Brian's "hidden in plain sight" album 'Path Of Life':

  21. Is He Really Bringing Roses (The Replacement) - The Resident
    All in My Hands - Xmal Deutschland
    Esperanto (Opening Theme) - Ryuichi Sakamoto
    Blue as a Jewel - Be Bop Deluxe
    Soar/The Flower - Sun City Girls
    8 Teen - ? & the Mysterians
    Refused to Be Saved - Elvis Costello & the Roots
    Claire - Baxter Dury
    Mr. Suit - Wire
    Pride - Archbishop Kebab

  22. Lewis Taylor- From The Day We Met Part 2
    Robert Plant - Silver Rider
    Sonic Youth - Eliminator Jr.
    Mac Gayden - Light Man
    Scott Lavene - Superclean
    Beck’s Record Club - Devil Inside (INXS cover)
    Jim O’ Rourke - Good Times
    Hot Chocolate - So You Win Again
    Randy Newman - Talk To The Doctor
    Beach Boys - Sloop John B (Live In London 1968)

    1. Mac Gayden making a second showing! What are the chances of that?

  23. Here’s the ninth album from Supertramp, on a SHM-CD

    Supertramp - ‘Brother Where You Bound’

    Goodbye Roger, it's been nice
    Hope you'll find your paradise
    Feel no sorrow, feel no shame
    Supertramp don’t, sound the same

    The Band - ‘The Last Waltz’
    With Ronnie Hawkins, Paul Butterfield, Bobby Charles, Eric Clapton, Farquhar Throckmorton III, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters, Ronnie Wood, Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

    CD 1 and 2

    CD 3 and 4

    1. Wait! What?
      FT3 was one of the supporting players in The Last Waltz? Holy crap - he is a man of many talents.

    2. Unfortunately (and this is true) I'm only in the movie, very briefly, backstage.

    3. I thought it was an inside joke of sorts by Babs and not based upon reality.
      The fact that you were actually there - that is a delicious factoid! Puts a smile on my face just imaging the intersection of your reality with that of The Band, Dylan, etc.
      I imagine Marty scurrying around all powdered up (allegedly).

    4. I was part of the catering crew. Van Morrison loved my blintzes.


    6. Maybe missed in the above post is that lovely short Supertramp poem.

    7. "Van Morrison loved my blintzes"!!!
      I spit up my Jamaican Blue coffee when I read that.
      I have NO trouble believing this really happened although in VM's current apparent state of mind I am not so sure he would find love for the blintzes today.

    8. Also - LOVE for the short Supertramp poem!

  24. Farq,any chance you could re up the 2020 file on Mac Gaydens trove.Totally been out of my travels and just looked him up on u tube love the guy already.

    1. He's one of the un-sung greats.

      (McGavock Gayden, Hymn To The Seeker, Skyboat, and the inevitably disappointing late album Nirvana Blues)

    2. This Gayden drop is fantastic! How is he not more well known?

    3. Thanks for the prompt response Farq, loving this community format.

    4. It's a groundbreaking IoF initiative.

    5. Wonderful player. I've had the Skyboat album for decades, but only discovered the McGavock Gayden album here in 2020. He's played on loads of albums, notably Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde, which lead to Bob Johnston recording Macs first solo album.

    6. He was also part of Barefoot Jerry, whose records I have, should youse bums be desirous.

    7. Would love to see a Barefoot Jerry drop.
      Also - the Gayden/Dylan intersection - how interesting.

  25. Time to inject some class in this place filled of useless bums. Walter "Wolfman" Washington was an iconic blues/soul guitarist from New Orleans, who's recording career starting in the 1950s. His career reached a high point during the late 80s-early 90s, when he recorded several albums for Rounder records, and appeared as a sideman on several more (including some classics by Johnny Adams). Walter died from a cancer bout earlier this year, but managed to record his epitaph beforehand. He wanted to make an album that featured more of his vocals and was reminiscent of late 50s Johnny Hartman recordings. Listen and I think you'll agree that he succeeded.
    A few years after Katrina, Walter used to hang out at a neighborhood bar around the corner from where I had a place. He would nurse a drink, and play the video poker machines for hours. One night, I pulled up aa chair next to him, and he taught me his "system" on how to beat the machine. A few hours later, I was $50 to the good, and one hell of a lot wiser for having conversed with him about a lot more than just video poker.

    1. Liquor in the front, hey?

      Thanks for this and the Norlins story.

    2. There used to be a band around here called Liquor and Poker.

    3. He got the nickname Wolfman because for decades he was missing his 2 upper, front, teeth, so it gave him an exaggerated fang look; especially when he would pick his guitar strings with his teeth. Finallygot 2 implants which prompted him to give up the teeth picking.

    4. This "Wolfman" Washington album is fantastic. His rich, deep voice front and center. Really great stuff. Thanks so much for sharing it with us pmac!

    5. His second to last lp, My Future is My Past, is vary similar in style. He as probably about 10 other records, but they are much more in a blues vein. I can link up any or all if there is an interest.

    6. Cool story and music, thanks pmac!

    7. So... What was the system for beating the video poker machines? Inquiring minds want to know!

    8. His system was mostly intuitive. He had figured out algorhythms even before that term became a buzz word. As I recall, he was able to figure it out by analogyzing it to standard chord progressions. For a guy who didn't finish high school, he was very intelligent.

    9. Most of his other recordings are good, but not anything you haven't heard from others. But, he took a very different approach starting with his penultimate recording. That one was supposed to be released on the Newvelle Records label, but they got crosswise with each other (which is odd, because Walter never got angry as far as anyone who knew him could recall) and he ultimately did a self release. This last one was issued through Tipitina's Records; same people that own the music club in NO started a label that primarily issues sound board recordings from concerts they hosted. This is their second studio release. Tipitina's is owned by the members of the jazz/funk band, Galactic. Which is a story unto itself - they were owed tons of $ by the former owner of the club who stiffed them on what they were owed for a 4 night Halloween gig several years ago. They traded the debt for the club, and within less than 6 mos, the club was mothballed due to the Coronavirus. That is what led to the record label being formed - a way to generate needed revenue. The former owner died of a self infliced gunshot. Yeah, New Orleans......

  26. Thelonious Monk - ‘The Complete Prestige 10-Inch LP Collection’

    In 2017, Craft Records released this limited-edition album set includes all five of the 10" vinyl LPs which the pianist recorded for the Prestige label, from 1952 to 1954. The audio has been expertly restored and remastered by Joe Tarantino from the original analog tapes— you’ve never heard these sides sound so good. I’ve also included a PDF of the booklet with liner notes by Robin D. G. Kelley, author of ‘Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original.’

    Sidemen here are, Sonny Rollins, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Gary Mapp, Julius Watkins, Percy Heath, Willie Jones, Ray Copeland, Frank Foster, Curly Russell, Tommy Potter And Art Taylor.

    I was going to quote Bull Moose Jackson, but though better of it….

    LP1 - Thelonious Monk Trio - ‘Thelonious’

    LP2 - Thelonious Monk Quintet featuring Sonny Rollins - ‘Blows For LP’

    LP3 - Thelonious Monk Quintet - ‘Thelonious Monk Quintet’

    LP4 - Thelonious Monk - ‘Thelonious Monk Plays’

    LP5 - Sonny Rollins And Thelonious Monk - ‘Sonny Rollins And Thelonious Monk’

  27. Zappa - Overnight Sensation 50th Anniversary edish:

    Yes, I know it's a good album, and it's probably Zappa's Dark Side, in that it opened up his global success tour/guitar star era, and lordy it dragged him out of the Turtles Of Invention mess, but I cannot love this album. Nothing after the music/music of Waka/Wazoo actually felt like it was already part of me. I admire the playing, but there's something cold about Zappa albums from here on in.

    1. Listening to this for the first time in years, I haveta admit it's mostly freaking all RIGHT. I still don't dig it like the Real Mothers albums, but that's nitpicking.

    2. I think this was Frank's best-selling album.

    3. I thought so, too. Be prepared to be stunned, it's not even close (in terms of numbers):

    4. ... those figures look as if somebody just made them up.

    5. ... and another site lists Apostrophe as "his most commercially successful album". Nobody knows nuthin'.

    6. Thinking about it, 'Dancing Fool' received large amounts of FM radio play.

    7. This 50th edish is packed with music/music. I'm a convert.

    8. I have almost all the Ryko remasters, if any of Th' Four Or Five Guys have a request for any of the CDs.

    9. Loving the Detroit gig part of Overnight Sensation 50th Anniversary, especially that early Yellow Snow suite, great stuff.

  28. Here’s the tenth, and the last Supertramp album, that I have on SHM-CD.

    Supertramp - ‘Free as a Bird’
    Do drum machines, synthesized dance beats and rhythms belong on a Supertramp record? Not in my book, but it’s not all that bad. Sounds like it might have been a too much “Snow White” situation.

    Not unlike the Band’s album ‘Islands’, I am, by law, contractually obligated to post something by The Band on this, the last of our Band/Supertramp Japanese edition series.
    So, here’s Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s release of ‘Before the Flood’

    1. So, Babs, what do you make of the Band reunion albums of the early to mid 90s?

      I have the first one, Jericho, and its a pretty good if slightly bland listen, but their version of "Blind Willie McTell" is a stunner...

    2. The version they did of Atlantic City is also pretty good; but, otherwise I agree - "The B(l)and."

    3. Jericho isn't bad, just kind of meh.
      In the 80s when they were playing clubs, one night in Manhattan my friends and I sat about eight feet from Richard Manuel. He talked to us between songs and glugs of Grand Marnier.

    4. Here’s a nice Band soundboard from January 1974, at Madison Square Garden

  29. So, this afternoon, I went for a followup visit to the oral surgeon. The good news is, he removed the stitches from where he drilled through the roof of my mouth to remove the median palatine cyst. More good news, I can eat solid (soft for now) foods again!

    Anyway, while I was in an Uber cab on my way home, the driver decided to play some music. All of a sudden, there was the Humble Pie song “Hot 'n' Nasty” blasting at two-hundred decibels. The driver quickly turned down the volume, apologized, and said, “If you don’t this, I’ll change it.” I told him, “No, I like Humble Pie”, which surprised him. While listening to Smokin’ on the way home, I thought Th' Four Or Five Freeloading Guys might this.

    So here's Humble Pies’ Smokin’ from 1972. This is the 2010 Analogue Productions SACD/Hybrid reissue, and it’s well, smokin’!

    If you already have this, switch it out for this version. Your ears will thank you.

    1. Steve Marriott was one of the wretchedest sons of bitches ever to grab a mic. Child star, based on nothing but planet-sized talent and charm, UK-conquering pop star fronting the Small Faces - what could go wrong? Bad management, bad luck, but mostly bad drugs. One of the greatest rock n' roll voices ever (technically a fine singer, not a shouter). The poor guy.

    2. Loved that album when it was first released, especially their version of Roadrunner. But, my favorite of their's, and the only lp by them that I still listen to, is the follow-up to Smokin', Eat It. More of a soul, rnb, direction on that one, which really fits Marriott's vocals.

    3. Oh, and most importantly, glad you are on the mend, Babs!

    4. Thanks, pmac.
      See what you think of this version of ‘Eat It’

    5. Words I hate to say: Its larger than mine. Muchas gracias, amiga.

    6. Now I feel bad about uploading Monk's ten inches.

  30. R.L. Boyce, a Mississippi hill country blues performer that one of the Dickinson's once called "the toastmaster general of hill country blues," died last week. He was 68. I first encountered R.L. at the Oxford Blues Festival in (I think) 2014. He was just a half step short of sloppy drunk & created on-the-spot an extended blues-rap extolling the virtues of an equally inebriated Yankee youth of maybe 22 who had provided the liquid fuel for R.L.'s rocket. I was sold, obviously. He was also a mainstay at the annual North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic in scenic Waterford MS. So for your amusement, here's R.L.'s last CD (which one of his relatives was peddling tent-to-tent at the picnic a few years ago). My copy is actually a CD-R; R.L. was pirating himself. It's called "Ain't Gonna Play Too Long," and most sane people will probably agree that the title is cause for Thanksgiving. Happy turkey day.

    P.S. This is on a freebie upload site, so I've no idea how long it will be active. 320 kbps mp3.

    1. Thanks. Most (maybe all) links here are on free/non-account file hosts.

    2. A few of us on here are 'no account' people too.

    3. ... and a few of the FoamFeatured® Artistes are of no account, too.

      Here's Sarah Vaughan, "No Count Sarah":

  31. Kevin Gilbert was a musical artist who died by his own hand in 1996, the sad result of pioneering the auto-erotic asphyxiation fad (of which INXS frontman Michael Hutchence was a latecomer). Perhaps I will use this story to scare my grandson when he is a teenager, reminding him not to masturbate himself to death. By then he will know nothing of "rock", instead listening to DJ Chad GPT or some such.

    What Kevin should be remembered for, aside from Sheryl Crow's Tuesday Night Music Club, is Toy Matinee.
    Partnering with Patrick Leonard, Gilbert explores a wide variety of musical landscapes.

    Let's join in exploring:


    1. The Toy Matinee is an incredible one off. Also worth tracking down is Kevin Gilbert-Toy Matinee Live At The Roxy, released posthumously by his estate...

  32. Just thought of you FT3 when I heard this enjoy...Trailer

    1. This is excellent. Little bit Michael Hurley (no bad thing). Thank you!

  33. greatest line of the 21st Century?
    I fought Custer and Robert E. Lee when I was tripping on....

  34. Mr Dowd is a legend in his own lifetime a Removal man in Ithica who part beefheart part Robert Johnson...well worth sharing a lift with..

  35. 75 years young JD guess dont do so much removal work now here he on radio recently fair fucks at that age ;-)

  36. Miles Davis Quintet - ‘The Complete Columbia Studio Sessions (1965-1968)’

    This is six CDs of Miles Davis second great quintet, with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. Included are all songs from the albums ‘E.S.P.’, ‘Miles Smiles’, ‘Sorcerer’, ‘Nefertiti’, ‘Miles in the Sky’, the quintet tracks from ‘Filles de Kilimanjaro’ and ‘Water Babies’ as well as some rehearsal, alternative takes, and a few unreleased tracks.

    Miles’ second great quintet is my favorite band of any genre.

    CDs 1, 2 and 3

    CDs 4, 5 and 6

  37. Another attempt to shore up the "It's not all Babs" charade...

    Italian sax/electronica with a murky Rahsaan/ritual flavour

    72Mb @ 320


    (I can see your comments in the "control room", but they don't and can't show in the blog. I don't make the rules.)

  39. Some Sunday kind of music

    Buffalo Springfield - ‘What's That Sound : Complete Albums Collection’

    What's That Sound: The Complete Albums Collection restores the discography to how it was heard upon its original release. Whether it is the vinyl or CD release, it serves up both the stereo and mono versions of 1966's ‘Buffalo Springfield’ and 1967's ‘Buffalo Springfield Again’, along with the stereo version of 1968's ‘Last Time Around’. Everyone’s favorite uncle, Neil Young, supervised the remastering, so the audio is nice and sweet.


  40. Gee whiz. Color me disappointed. This is some bum wit' a beard.

  41. Mr Dowd’s newest, as retrieved very recently:

  42. George Harrison and Friends - ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’

    The Concert for Bangladesh was a pioneering charity event in aid of the homeless Bengali refugees of the Bangladesh Liberation War, and set the model for future multi-artist rock benefits.

    The other day, I uploaded ‘The Last Waltz’, which has a lot in common with the ‘The Concert for Bangladesh’. Both were filmed for theatrical release, have an all-star lineup, blintzes (with sour cream) were served, as were piles of Bolivian marching powder, and Bob Dylan upstages everyone involved.

    Along with George Harrison are, Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Ali Akbar Khan, Alla Rakha, Kamala Chakravarty, Jesse Ed Davis, Klaus Voormann, Jim Keltner, Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins, Don Preston, Carl Radle, Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Jackie Kelso, Allan Beutler, Lou McCreary, Ollie Mitchell, Claudia Lennear, Joe Greene, Jeanie Greene, Marlin Greene, Dolores Hall, and Don Nix.

    Two minor quibbles, I wish Marty Scorsese made the film, and I’m not in love with Phil Spector “wall of sound” mix, it just doesn’t work well here.

    1. The beginning of the concert, when Shankar admonishes the applauding audience that his band had only undertaken the warm up (as opposed to an actual tune), still gets me. Concert was kinda snoring until Preston took the lead on one of his tunes.

    2. I like how Ringo, the musicians and backing singers couldn't agree on what key, 'It Don't come easy' is in.

  43. To try to add sum kulthure to this place, here's a couple of manouche albums. Both feature the guitar/violin stylings of the blind, Belgian, musician, Tcha Limberger. Tcha performs in several bands, all of which primarily perform gypsy jazz music. Fortunate to have caught him perform live a couple of times. Both are in flac (lo siento, Farq).

    1. Very nice! Thanks, pmac.

      James Carter - ‘Chasin' the Gypsy’

      This is saxophonist James Carter’s homage to Django Reinhardt. As a teenager in Detroit, Michigan, late at night, James first heard Django and Stéphane, on French language radio stations out of Canada. Upon, release, this album came as a surprise, as James is known mainly as a Post-Bop and sometimes Avant-Garde Jazz artist. What I like about this recording is that it is not a guitar album, with a guitarist trying to imitate Django. That said, guitarists Jay Berliner and Romero Lubambo are sublime. This album has excellent audio, and on the tracks James plays Bass saxophone, it will give your speakers a workout.

    2. Had no idea Carter had dipped his toes into manouche. Berliner and Lubambo are excellent guitarists. Gracias, amiga.

  44. Any of you well-upholstered Heads able to furnish me with the remaster of 'Remote Control' by the Tubes? Been digging a murky rip of aged vinyl and wondering how much better this great stuff could sound without laying out even more of my overstretched money and space for the A&M boxset. Thanks in advance for ignoring this.

    1. Cheers, Bambi. That's their appearance on the old Friday tea-time TV gateway to the weekend that also saw Twisted Sister, Bad News and Propaganda (along with many others) do their stuff. I recall digging the Tubes' own spot (a school-teacher of mine had been hyping it up in the days ahead) but didn't consummate the attraction back then, what with my modest means.

    2. The sound quality on the '74 is superb, the '77 has clumsy editing and variable sound quality.
      Yes, that Tubes on The Tube was a favourite after the pub VHS, back in the days of video tape.

    3. The Tubes - 'The A&M Albums' Box
      1975 - The Tubes
      1976 - Young And Rich
      1977 - Now
      1978 - What Do You Want From Live
      1979 - Remote Control

    4. Blimey, Babs...if our paths ever cross I'm gonna love you for all of us on here. Thanks a lot.

  45. Sorry to disappoint, FT3.

    I'm playing something that I got from you,
    Marc Jordan "Blue Desert"

    uploaded here:
    for peolpe who might have missed the first time:

    Thanks so much, FT3



  46. Fancy some Grade A jazzrockfusion with the emphasis on enjoyable listenability? Of course you do. Why these guys didn't sell in Return To Forever numbers (no fan, me) is a mystery. Virtuoso musos. Unpretentious. Uplifting. And as far as I know, Not Scientologists. Who they? A big hand for Caldera, whose run of four albums for Capitol from '76 - '79 tick all the boxes. Like music even just a little bit? You'll like these a lot.

    1. Caldera are criminally unappreciated.

    2. Bad timing, bad management and poor promotion...the usual suspects.

    3. The timing was just a tad late. Still, four great albums on a major label is some achievement.

    4. At the time, there was a social disease of epic proportions — Disco

  47. Bob Dylan - ‘The Bootleg Series Vol. 14: More Blood, More Tracks’

    ‘Blood on the Tracks’ is one of my favorite Dylan albums. This 6 CD compilation collects the recordings Bob made in September and December 1974 for his 1975 album ‘Blood on the Tracks’.

    And as an added bonus:
    ‘Blood On The Tracks’ (1981CBS Mastersound half-speed mastered version)

    This is a vinyl rip of the half-speed master release, which is different to all the other releases of this album. Bob and Phil Ramone decided to speed up the original album by two percent in the mastering, so this version has slightly longer track times. Those of you freeloaders with “an ear” will notice the vocals are more nuanced, the acoustic guitar sounds fuller, the bass is plump and fuller and whole ambience is spacier

    1. ... the soundstage is crisper, defined yet cohesive, while the mids exude a kirlian aura of organic resonance, the highs thrill the ear hairs with an effulgent clarity, and the lows possess a buttery, almost bovine richness of timbre!

    2. Better than genuine walnut vinyl veneer!

    3. Genuine wood grain vinyl veneer. (I had to go read the sticker on my old stereo components to get it right)

    4. What's the "right" speed is an interesting question. Consider Fats Domino...the records are sped up. Should we slow them down now to be more authentic? Lennon's vocal was sped up on several Beatles records. Should they be played slower?

    5. Some of Chuck Berry's songs were sped up as well by Chess to make him sound 'younger'...

    6. Brian Wilson's vocals were sped up by his wonderful father, also to make him sound "younger". The original version of Caroline, No has a very different feel.

  48. I guess Dylan really is god - he elongated time. Many thanks, Babs

  49. Last week I ventured into Panthip Ngamwongwan and discovered a new(?) stand selling vinyl and (some) cds. Of course I couldn't resist and had a closer look. Surprise, surprise, I bought something, which might be of Beatles related interest for some of you!
    Here's a freshly 320 kbps rip of Paul McCartney's experimental Liverpool Sound Collage (2000), a collaboration of sorts between Paul, Super Furry Animals, and Youth, incl. art:

    1. Panthip Ngamwongwan? Who the bloody 'ell's he when 'e's at 'ome? A bloody Chinese Ghandi with a one-string bloody banjo?

      Ta for the Macca. I hope it's like 'The Frog Chorus' for me wife's sake. S

  50. Tomorrow I’m heading to the West Coast for the Thanksgiving holiday, so uploads for the next few days will be slim. Next week, I have lots of Prog Rock to share, so be sure to clean those bongs!

    In the meantime…

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk - ‘Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk’

    This is the twelve LPs Rahsaan recorded for the Mercury Records label (including the Smash and Limelight subsidiaries), on this 10 CD compilation. Actually, it is 11 discs if you count the surprise bonus CD. Additionally, Rahsaan: The Complete Mercury Recordings of Roland Kirk lives up to its name by augmenting those albums with more than two-dozen previously unissued sides.

    I’ve also included the action packed 56-page booklet that includes: complete discographical and recording session logs, as well individual essays for each disc.

    CDs 1, 2, 3 and 4

    CDs 5, 6, and 7

    CDs 8, 9, 10 and 11

  51. Nothing experimental here:

    Just swinging and boogie with The Wheel !


  52. Due to a kernel panic the regliar Rando-Shuffle™ Feature was held over to the beginning of this Aloha, but as Babs is putting family before th' IoF©, we need something to carry us over, so here it is again, in its rightful place! Yay!

    Captain Beefheart - Full Moon, Hot Sun
    We The People - By The Rule
    Olivia Tremor Control - A Familiar Noise Called Train
    Billie Holiday - You've Changed
    Country Joe And His Fishes - I'll Survive
    Viva Saturn - Paradise
    Frank Zappa - Montana
    Paris - 1 in 10
    Redbone - New Blue Sermonette
    Koobas - Here's A Day

  53. Field Music - Daylight Saving
    Sopwith Camel - Oriental Fantasy
    Brian Eno - Put A Straw Under Baby
    The Sports - Last House On The Left
    Joan Shelley - Pull Me Up One More Time
    Cockney Rebel - Chameleon
    The Bears - You Can Buy Friends
    The Smiths - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    The Byrds- Time Between
    Doll By Doll - When A Man Dies

  54. ***Clicks the Rando-Shuffle™ button***

    Round and round, and round it goes, where it stops….Sundar Pichai knows.

    Thelonious Monk - ‘Bright Mississippi’
    Nat King Cole - ‘Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup’
    Sly & The Family Stone - ‘(You Caught Me) Smilin'
    Duke Ellington - ‘Sweet And Pungent’
    Manhattan Transfer - ‘Java Jive’
    Van Morrison - ‘It's All in the Game’
    Taj Mahal - ‘Little Red Hen’
    Rolling Stones - ‘Dance (pt.1)’
    Woody Shaw - ‘Seventh Avenue’
    Louis Jordan - ‘Saturday Night Fish Fry’

  55. 1 Shining Dub 3:29 Karl Pitterson & Clive Chin X-Ray Music: A Blood And Fire Dub Directory
    2 Hope 3:47 Robert Fripp String Quintet Sometimes God Hides: The Young Persons' Guide To Discipline
    3 Mambo Italiano 2:20 Chaino Temptation: The Exotic Sounds of Chaino
    4 Stink 4:55 John Lurie Get Shorty - Original MGM Motion Picture Soundtrack
    5 Take Them to the Traitors' Gate 5:18 Rupert Hine Fighting Apathy with Shock: The Best of Rupert Hine as "Thinkman"
    6 Bump Wood Intro 0:35 Bill Kirchen Live Elderly Living Room Session
    7 Ophelia 3:46 The Band The Last Waltz CD2
    8 Everything (Acoustic) 4:16 Material Issue The Very Best Of The Rarities
    9 Levitation 8:13 The PrimitIve Painter Dimensions in Ambience
    10 Outsiders Point Of View 3:15 Barry Reynolds Outsiders Point Of View

  56. Pearlfishers, The - Cherry Sky
    Ocean Colour Scene - The Riverboat Song
    Mel Tillis - Stateside
    Doug Fieger - Jambalaya (On the Bayou)
    Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
    Wilson Pickett - I'm Gonna Cry
    Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - If You're So Smart, How Come You Ain't Rich
    Pop Will Eat Itself - Get The Girl, Kill The Baddies (Sherwood 7”)
    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Sammy Davis City
    Laurie Biagini - Imposter Syndrome Burn

    And coming up next year, my son and I have tickets to see Brian Setzer here in Oakland.

  57. Jerry Douglas Swing Blues (John Fogarty vocals)
    Steve Forbert Sure was better back then
    Lonnie Mack She even woke me up to say goodbye
    Nick Drake Northern Skye
    Gil Scott Heron Bottle
    R.L. Burnside It's bad you know
    T Van zandt Pancho &Lefty
    David Johanssen Let the Mermaids flirt with me
    Patsy Cline He called me baby
    Paul Butterfield Done a lot of wrong things in my life

  58. Earthrise Sound System - "Rama"
    Funkadelic - "Maggot Brain"
    Television - "Marquee Moon"
    The jimi Hendrix Experience - "If 6 was 9"
    The Wailers - "Concrete Jungle"
    DJ Cam - "California Dreamin'"
    Can - "Waiting For The Streecar"
    Hawkwind - "Orgone Accumulator"
    The Rolling Stones - "Monkey Man"
    Gong "The Pot Head Pixies"

  59. Joan Chammoro and Sant Andreu - Samba de Minha Terra
    Bola Sete - O Barquinho
    Art Blaakey and the Jazz Messengers - Moanin'
    Howlin' Wolf - Red Rooster
    Beatles - When I'm 64
    Alex McMurray - Otis Takes It on The Lam
    The Debtors - Ask Your Local Server
    Django Rheinhardt - Minor Swing
    Oscar Peterson - Quiet Nights
    Joe Pass - Perdido

  60. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Yester Love
    Tinariwen - Le Chant Des Fauves
    Tommy Johnson - Slidin’ Delta
    Ella Fitzgerald - Easy to Love
    Boy Ge Mendes - Africa
    James Brown - Think
    Art Taylor - Rhythm-A-Ning
    Little Ronnie Mudd - A Teardrop Fell
    Los Lobos - Oh Yeah
    Andrew Hill - Flight 19 11

  61. Criminals - Uncle Tupelo
    Voice Your Choice - The Radiants
    She's So Tough - Mink DeVille
    Back Down South - Kings Of Leon
    Dog Days - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    The Flame (live) - Cheap Trick
    Hell's Bells - AC DC
    She Don't Care About Time (72 outtake version) - Gene Clark
    Accidentally Like A Martyr - Warren Zevon
    Youth Knows No Pain - Lykke Li

  62. You know, I much preferred Ms. Hoffs' movements to that of a dancing Marx Brother, but maybe that's just me...

    1. haha, good one. hope I get 200 post prize Neal t

  63. Nobody's yet claimed the 200th comment. There's a sack of soup greens for the lucky winner!